This Earth Day, let’s luxuriously choose to opt for a sustainable lifestyle!

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Luxury are typically those material commodities that have a degree of exclusivity associated with them. While it is generally not necessary for survival, rapid changes in the environment on account of climate change has redefined ‘luxury’. Environmental pollution, climate change and unsustainable development practices have contributed to the degradation of air and water quality in many parts of the world, making clean air and water a matter of luxury for some communities. For instance, Mumbai over the month of January this year, saw a severe dip in its Air Quality Index. Cases such as these have redefined the meaning of luxury. While this is evidently a health and environmental problem, it is also a social justice problem. The reason being that access to these basic necessities are universal and not exclusionary.

With Earth Day, right around the corner, there is a sense of pressure that settles on us all to do better. Now without letting the dust settle on us for too long, let’s actively choose to take a headstart on our resolution to be kinder to the planet.

Start with evaluating your relationship with the planet. What has it given you? What have you experienced by virtue of the planet? If we are to think about this, there is a feeling of gratitude that would overcome us. And deciding to make changes on a note of gratitude, is a great place to begin.

The journey to begin living a life kinder to the planet can begin with some simple steps:

  • Journal the change that you choose to make. Do you want to switch to a menstrual cup this quarter?. Do you want to refrain from sending wet waste to the landfill? Write it down. Break down your goals, to make it simpler for you to achieve
  • Make purchasing decisions such that you earth friendly products. Products that not only use earth friendly ingredients, but also use recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging
  • Choose sustainable transportation. If you go to work five days a week, pick three days when you choose a sustainable mode of transportation. Break it down, so it becomes easier for you to achieve.
  • Eat more plant based meals, which use significantly less carbon emissions to produce compared to meat and dairy meal options
  • Keep a check on your electricity and water consumption. Both of these are precious resources and being mindful of their usage puts you ahead on your sustainability journey
  • Take part in citizen activism that will help make better decisions for the city and community. Listening to stories from members of the society, help put things into perspective while also nudging you to do better

Remember, every little action counts, and it’s essential to focus on progress, not perfection. Small changes made to our daily habits can make a significant impact on the planet. This Earth Day, let’s luxuriously choose to opt for a sustainable lifestyle!

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