Montblanc Scores With Zizou

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Fans of the beautiful game have reason to celebrate. Montblanc has brought in none other than the legendary Zinedine Zidane, popularly known as Zizou, to be the Montblanc Mark Maker and Face of the Montblanc Legend Fragrance line

Renowned as one of the most elegant and visionary footballers of all time, the French-born icon embodies Montblanc’s core belief that everyone can leave a mark by living a life with passion and purpose, and by doing what truly moves them. Living by Montblanc’s ethos of What Moves You Makes You, Zidane has always done what moves him rather than what is expected of him, never following a path that was dictated to him. His extraordinary journey has taken him from his hometown of La Castellane, Marseille to Turin, Madrid and beyond. World Cup, European Cup, Champions League, Golden Ball, star player, world-renowned coach – his sporting feats, his football style and unique moves on the pitch are – what many believe – what legends are made of.

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