Ferrari Roma comes to India: Its La Dolce Vita

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Ferrari is bringing back the romance of 60’s motoring with its luscious and svelte Roma. It is beautiful no doubt and trades science for pure old-school good looks. Peer though Ferrari’s history and it has made some delectable machinery in form of the Daytona and the 275 GTB/4 where the lines are beautifully draped on a canvas with a gigantic Italian V12 nestled up in the bonnet.

The Roma has been made in that mould with having the classic short deck and long hood GT proportions. In the flesh the Roma is compact but lavished with a lot of intricate detailing courtesy the curvy lines and the flowing front-end. The bonnet is massive and the Roma has “wings” which flow into each other. We also love the tail-lamps and the subtle way it melts into the tail-lamps. It does not have the brutal super car theatre of a F8 Tributo and in this colour the Roma is also different from the usual sci-fi jaw-dropping presence of the more extreme Ferrari’s as it threads a more subtle line. However the design lingers in your mind for days after seeing it.

The Roma is not replacing any car in the Ferrari model range but attempting to bring a whole new set of customer into its fold. It sits above the Portofino and would most likely be seen parked outside a villa outside Lake Como than wearing track tyres and setting lap-times. A Ferrari but having a less potent flavor.

Step inside and it is a wonderful homage to the past but also having a heady dose of modernity. There is leather, carbon-fiber and chromed aluminium all over but the design is all new. There are two massive screens and Ferrari has also moved to a completely digital look. Also new is the steering-wheel which houses all of the controls thus enabling you to concentrate on the road and that you need to since the Roma is one fast car…

Underneath that shapely bonnet lies a new V8 fettled with a turbo and it makes a whopping 612bhp while all that power is channeled to the rear wheels via an 8-speed gearbox.  While the Roma is a mid-front-engined 2+ with GT vibes, it is still blessed with the best of Ferrari’s technology might with features like the Slide slip control plus the introduction of a five-position Manettino, for the first time on a Ferrari grand tourer no less!

As a result, the Roma is a proper supercar fast with a 0-100 km/h time of just 3.4 seconds yet it also focuses on luxury and practicality. It is also billed as a useable supercar or if that sounds incorrect, a luxurious GT with a razor sharp edge to it. For us though it is those drop-dead gorgeous looks that ultimately make the Rs 3.6cr base price completely worth it. It’s La Dolce Vita all over again!

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