Blancpain: A rainbow shines over the Ladybird Colors collection

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Blancpain is ushering in a colourful summer. Following the introduction of the Ladybird Colors collection in the spring, the Manufacture has now adopted the entire spectrum of hues on a timepiece with colourful hour-markers, and straps that can be swapped to suit the wearer’s mood and personality.

The refined and innovative Ladybird collection faithfully reflects Blancpain’s timeless values. Finished exclusively with mechanical movements decorated and assembled by hand, these watches offer a perfect blend of elegance and horological complexity.

Far from being merely reduced-sized or adapted versions of men’s watches, Ladybird timepieces are specifically developed to meet the wishes and expectations of contemporary women. Watchmaking know-how and cutting-edge technologies are thus devoted to the cause of beauty.

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