A Must-Have Enigmatic, Private Dining Experience

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Picture this… You are a guest at one of the most exclusive dining experiences, a well-kept secret of the most elite hotel in the country, hosted just for you. How would you like to be pampered to something so exclusive – A fine-dining experience that is set aside for global celebrities like the Obamas! If you are up for this unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, you should definitely explore the private dining lounge – Chef’s Studio, on the first floor of the Heritage Wing of Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.

This enigmatic experience is the least accessible private dining lounge and has a base price of Rs 1.5 lakhs per meal. The restaurant, when not in use is camouflaged into the brown-and-light green décor of the five-star hotel. But when expecting guests at the restaurant, it is bedecked to remind you of Cannes, rolling out a red carpet flanked with candles and flowers for the star of the hour, leading to the most exclusive corner of the five-star hotel. The Chef’s Studio itself is compact and cosy, with room for eight guests and a compact kitchen.

What makes the Studio a one-of-its-kind, must-have experience, is that everything at the Chef’s Studio, can be customised to the last detail, including the décor, the choice of alcohol and the dining itself, without any fixed menu! The decor also (supposedly) changes for each meal, based on the occasion and the guests’ preferences. The entire menu is customised to cater to the guest’s palate, and requests have ranged from Contemporary European to Classic European, Japanese, Thai, Indian, and even futuristic, molecular cooking. Usually a widespread 12-course meal, the experience completes itself with a glass of the classic vintage – Dom Perignon and a surprise meal course. Depending on the guest’s requests, the hotel’s top chefs are brought in to take charge of a course, or the entire meal. This means that the guests are treated to the masterpiece delicacies of the best chefs from Wasabi for Japanese cuisine, from Zodiac Grill for European cuisine, and from Masala Kraft for Indian cuisine.

This most exclusive, fashionably private experience was designed to offer to the crème de la crème guests, something to appreciate. Meant for those who can appreciate the finest things, entry at the Chef’s Studio is by appointment only, and sometimes by invitation. The studio gets an average of four requests a month and can proudly claim to have hosted some of the most influential industrialists, and celebrities in the country and across the globe. The Chef’s Studio has also hosted former American President Barack and First lady Michelle Obama, celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, with their children. Much closer to home, the Bachchans and Sachin Tendulkar also drop by to enjoy the hospitality!

To bring to you the ultimate fine-dine experience, the chefs request a prior intimation of at least 48 hours and sit with the host to discuss every detail.

Comes with a fully-equipped kitchen, and includes a stock of olive oils that mature at specific points in the year. You are served in glasses by Versace, embellished with Gothic faces, cutlery used to serve is from France’s Ercuis, and decorative plates from Minton, along with Riedel wine goblets, and Limoges porcelain. Depending on the guest’s requests for the menu, ingredients are imported from around the globe: crisp lily buds from Japan, seafood and meats from New Zealand and scallops from Canada.

The Chef’s Studio is the brainchild of Executive Chef Hemant Oberoi, who came up with this idea for people who appreciate the finest things in life and can afford them. Recently the chef has also started cooking classes in Chef’s Studio.

Chef Studio prides itself on the fact that they don’t advertise this exquisite experience, reserved for only those who can afford it, and entry is possible by appointment only. What’s more?! The guests get to witness their meal being made on two flat-screen televisions in the restaurant for complete transparency.

Have you already experienced this enigmatic dining experience?! Will be making an appointment at the Chef’s Studio for an exclusive occasion anytime soon?!

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