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Remember the times when your old man took you for a spin in his car before the word digital was coined for the gadgets we used. All the entertainment you had was a rickety radio that required a tap or two and an adjustment to the antenna to hear a song clearly. If someone said …

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When I usually come across skilled fine artists, the word abstract is thrown around a lot. There is no limit to imagination and usually, there are no constraints either. Artists hate constraints because it ties them down. If you learn to embrace them, you’d probably follow the path of designers and architects who marry science …

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Only 208 R Type Continentals were built, but this Bentley had an impact far beyond its limited numbers. The brainchild of chief project engineer Ivan Evernden and chief stylist John Blatchley, it set a standard for Bentley grand touring that continues to inspire the company to this day. Hailed at the time by Autocar magazine …

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