Wedding Gifts from Le Creuset – A Bond For Eternity

The French carry a heart-warming tradition, where a mother hands over her used Le Creuset pot to her daughter; extending a part of her and her unconditional affection on her marriage – the most important occasion in a woman’s life. A Le Creuset pot that passes the test of time is the most significant way …

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Celebrating Raza

It was an initiative of the Piramal Museum of Art to present S.H. Raza’s paintings at their museum in Mumbai. Traversing Terrains is the first major exhibition of the artist since his death in 2016. Curated by Vaishnavi Ramanathan, curator and art historian, Piramal Museum of Art, and Ashvin E. Rajagopalan, Director, Piramal Museum of …

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Narratives by an Illustrator

Antara Mukherjee’s work reminds me of watching Jamie Oliver’s show years ago where recipes were illustrated for the audience. Her work is vibrant with colors. Her illustrations are of simple, soulful home-cooked meals. She brings attention to the beauty and joy that exists in the mundane. Here, she discusses her journey so far as …

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Swimming Pools

Feel like summer is getting to you and a splash in the relaxing waters of a swimming pool is just the thing you need right now? Yes, we all do! That’s what brings us to the day’s topic. Especially with the onset of this much-dreaded season, the need to cool off at any given chance …

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Design trends of the year that just went – By Andre Camara


It’s a brand new year and that means we are at the threshold of starting yet another exciting new journey in the world of design trends. You can prepare yourself for a new design language, new ways of using materials and textures, and of course, no one prepares you for …

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Get Splashed with Le Creuset Colours this Holi

The festival of colours is around the corner, and there couldn’t be a better way to
enjoy the spirit of Holi than with Le Creuset and it’s vibrancy – the quintessential Cookware brand from France that not only adds colour to your kitchen but also to your life!

So what are you …

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