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Swimming Pools

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Feel like summer is getting to you and a splash in the relaxing waters of a swimming pool is just the thing you need right now? Yes, we all do! That’s what brings us to the day’s topic. Especially with the onset of this much-dreaded season, the need to cool off at any given chance …

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Summer! The very word speaks of joy! Lush outdoors, sunny skies and bright colours style this beautiful season. Summer Decor is for the bold. With ‘contrast’ and ‘light’ playing a vivid role, it’s time to bring out the big guns and highlight those dark corners, draw the curtains and let the natural setting of the …

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Set on a secluded 25 acre property, nestled away from the hustle of the city of Bentota, is this asterpiece by one of my most revered architects, Geoffrey Bawa. On the shores of the Dedduwa lake, Bawa has rafted a personal tropical Eden along the waters of the salt river of Lunuganga – a few …

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