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My Ears were more Important than my Eyes

Grammy award winning music composer Ricky Kej speaks to Supriya Samuel of The Luxury Collection

It was on February 8th, 2015, that the world got to experience the brilliance of one of the youngest Indian music composers, Ricky Kej as he created history by winning the award for the best new …

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Remember the times when your old man took you for a spin in his car before the word digital was coined for the gadgets we used. All the entertainment you had was a rickety radio that required a tap or two and an adjustment to the antenna to hear a song clearly. If someone said …

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When I usually come across skilled fine artists, the word abstract is thrown around a lot. There is no limit to imagination and usually, there are no constraints either. Artists hate constraints because it ties them down. If you learn to embrace them, you’d probably follow the path of designers and architects who marry science …

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Luxurious Luxembourg

If you are looking for an unusual destination in Europe, try Luxembourg. A tiny country that is rich in history and experiences, not only does it offer amazing dining options, it has great shopping streets too with Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Dior and more. The people are helpful, speak English wherever you go and the sheer …

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Meghauli Serai, Chitwan National Park

Chitwan or “Heart of the Jungle” is famous as one of the best wildlifeviewing national parks in Asia and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Located in the Terrain Lowlands of Nepal, it is a mere 20-minute flight from the Kathmandu International Airport. The park is famous for its success in conservation …

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Stunning Effects

A flowing lace gown, embellished with embroidery; complemented with elbow length gloves, a stone-studded tiara; a sheer veil for walking down the aisle on the most important day of her life……. what more could a bride ask for!!

Evelyn Almeida is the lady behind Inspirations, a one stop store for Christian brides, and …

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Mystic Mahabaleshwar

Fresh red strawberries during winter is just one of the attractions of Mahableshwar, a hill station in Maharashtra. Situated among the scenic Sahyadris, Mahabaleshwar has become a popular destination all year round. About 120 kms to the south of Pune, the winding road up to Panchgani (also a popular hill station) and then Mahableshwar, is …

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It’s lively, colourful and vibrant – South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation because of its diversity of races, and since early times it has attracted people from all over the globe.

Johannesburg is a maze of flyovers, great connectivity, glitzy shopping malls, plush restaurants, fast cars and a lot of people. …

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The best compliment for chefs is when a dish is first appreciated for its ‘looks’ with an exclamation:“How could I even think of eating it, it looked so beautiful that I just kept staring at the dish!”

Vijayan Gangadharan, General Manager, Four Points By Sheraton, Pune states that food styling is creativity unleashed. …

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It’s not everyday that you sit down in conversation with a renowned wine expert and sommelier to discuss the finer nuances of wines. Well, that’s precisely been my experience having met Alok Chandra.

An absolute gem of a person – witty, smart and humble – Chandra wears many hats. Apart from being one …

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